710 Spirits

710 Spirits Extraction Products serves the #cannabis extraction industry by providing high purity chemicals to extraction and testing labs. We provide solvents, HPLC-grade laboratory testing chemicals, filtration media, and much more. 710Spirits® is committed to providing you with the highest quality extraction chemicals in order to produce the best end product possible.

710 Spirits® is an Ethanol formulation that can be used for herbal extraction with no Federal Excise Tax, no permitting, and no additional record keeping. 710 Spirits® is a premium blend of food and pharmaceutical-grade 200 proof ethanol denatured with a small amount of an industry-standard high purity solvent. Because the material is completely denatured, TTB regulations relating to the sale and use of pure Ethanol do not apply. As a result, 710 Spirits® can be purchased and used without paying the Federal Excise Tax, obtaining a permit, or complying with additional record-keeping requirements.