Amber Scientific

Who We Are
Amber Scientific, Inc. is the cannabis industry-facing brand for Thermal Scientific, Inc., a
third-generation, family-owned, veteran-operated scientific product procurement and supply
company established in 1962. Our product offerings serve the innovation, testing, processing, and
packaging components of the cannabis business life cycle.

Products and Relationships
Amber enjoys access to over 400,000 scientific products thanks to its relationships with over
400 manufacturers and suppliers. With over 57,000 square feet of warehouse space across five
locations throughout Texas, Amber stocks hundreds of thousands of products in laboratory
supplies, chemicals, instruments, and equipment. If we don’t stock it, we have access to it. Our
relationships with manufacturers and distributors give us access to almost anything you need.

People and Experience
When you work with Amber Scientific, you are accessing a company-wide team of procurement
and distribution experts with hundreds of years of collective experience. We become your
advocate and leverage our relationships to provide you with the products you need to keep your
operations running efficiently.

Amber’s teams have been working for over 60 years with extraction laboratories, mobile
laboratories, and third-party testing facilities across many industries including agricultural, food
and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Decades spent serving science and industry
made Amber a natural fit to serve the cannabis industry. While the industry is unique and has
distinctive challenges, at its core the industry’s need for reliable scientific products for
innovation, testing, processing and packaging is not new to us. After all, it's just science!