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September 29, 2022

The Canna Consortium: September Newsletter

Leafly’s top 13 Strains of September for all cannabis connoisseurs

4) Blue Zushi

“Breeder PK Farms reportedly crossed Z to Kush Mints, and grower The Ten Co coaxes loud and funky blue raspberry flavor that’s everything we want in a bong hit—with a blue Sour Patch Kids taste and a hybrid sativa high for concerts and parties.”

3) Buddha’s Hand

“Sativa lovers can feel left out of the cannabis connoisseurs conversation, where the center of gravity hovers over Indica hybrids…It’s got this green, old-school look with a floral, citrus medicine smell and taste. Buddha’s Hand goes great with hiking, art, cleaning, or gardening; including chopping down this year’s crop.”

2) Biskante

“The smell references Gelato as well as dirty lemon, and extra gas for a loud, lingering smell and taste that hits sativa-dominant. The high-terpene and THC combo can leave some of the highest-tolerance reviewers with a bit of the jitters, so ski at your skill level.”

What’s Number One?

In Defense of Dopamine: An Endocannabinoid Story

Dopamine gets a bad rep as neurotransmitter associated with addiction, high and stimulants. However dopamine just like every other transmitter is needed in the brain for certain functions. Essential for motivation, motor control and learning dopamine’s not just the love drug its cracked up to be.

Read more here about why dopamine is important for more than just the highs and how cannabis interacts with dopamine to aid with things like PTSD, anxiety and more.

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