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January 20, 2022

Cannabis Event Marketing 101: How To Turn Guests Into Prospects

Event marketing can be a great springboard for getting on the radar of attendees. Turning those
simply viewing your social media marketing or walking past the booth into active participants in
what your business does.

Go Beyond The Trade Show

With in-person person events getting smaller and smaller, there are still plenty of opportunities
to turn small-to-medium-sized gatherings into successful lead generation for your business.
Cannabis event marketing is a terrific way to get in front of potential clients and bring together
colleagues and existing partners in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Event marketing and planning your marketing strategy around cannabis trade shows and events can help your brand to stay relevant in the face of important industry decision-makers, movers, and shakers. While trade shows like MJBizCon and NECANN are great for showing your brand in a structured setup, putting together quarterly or bi-annual client and partner appreciation events is another tactic for capturing potential leads through established business and clientele. These can range from hosted happy hours during the week, to weekend day events. Also keep in mind attendance is typically higher during the week.

Expand Your Network While Solidfying Relationships

How do you throw great client appreciation events with an even better ROI? First, make the
event exclusive to your clients and partners, while still inclusive to industry friends and colleagues.
Giving guests the opportunity to include a plus one when RSVP’ing is a great tactic to extend
the invitation to a potential industry partner and potentially convert prospects into customers.
What better way to promote your business than to have a room full of your best clients and
colleagues enjoying each other’s company on your behalf?

Stay Relevant In Their Feeds

With that in mind, properly recording the event and co-promoting it on your social media can
help humanize your brand and give attendees a chance to promote you and their support. Make
sure someone is present to take pictures and record content at your event. Ask guests for the
opportunity to highlight their presence on your social media during and after the event using
their name and social handles. Properly tagging and posting pictures and videos on your social
media gives outside viewers an inside view of the event and who showed up for you. Which can build more hype for future events.

Follow Up Always

Following up with clients after your event with a brief personalized call or email offers valuable
feedback and an opportunity to further solidify your partnerships and business
relationships…and ask for referrals. If the event is successful to your standards, use the same
blueprint for future events and enjoy sharing that success with the people who got you there!