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January 27, 2022

Considering A Booth At A Cannabis Trade Show?

Here’s what you should know.

The cannabis and CBD industry is continuing to grow and with that growth, cannabis events and trade shows are becoming a big part of the industry.  Not only are they a great way to promote your brand and products, but these events are also a great way to learn about the industry and the trends that are out there.

Cannabis trade shows and events started to ramp back up in 2021 and that trend will continue through 2022 with a fuller schedule. Deciding to take part in a cannabis trade show, cannabis conference, or CBD event is an important step for one’s business. While we all understand that cost and location are the major players in making the decision to take part in an event, in this article, we will talk about some other things to consider when deciding to take part in a cannabis event or to have a booth.

What type of cannabis trade show is it?

There are many different types of cannabis trade shows out there.  Some are more geared towards selling, some geared for promotion, networking, education, fun, B2B, while some are for end-users. Ensure the event is applicable to you and your show goals.  Do some research on the event you’re considering.  Who is their target audience?  What do past exhibitors have to say about the event?  Can you get a floor map of the previous year’s show and the event you are considering?  How many attendees and exhibitors do they expect?

What type of support do the event organizers provide for their exhibitors?

The organizers of the cannabis event you’re considering want you to have a great event and want you to come back year after year.  Many will provide support that you can utilize before, during, and after the show.  They may have news releases and other marketing opportunities such as sponsorships.  They may offer conference booth discounts. There could be a chance to speak or highlight your products.  Event after-parties can be helpful for networking.  Have a clear understanding of the opportunities provided by the event organizers.

What do you hope to achieve while at the cannabis event? 

Once you know the type of event and the support provided by the organizers, it helps to understand what the goals of your event are.  Are you there to promote/sell your products?  Can you connect with other like-minded companies and individuals?  Are you there to gather leads or information? Asking yourself these types of questions will help you define your marketing strategy and approach for the event.

What type of conference booth should I consider, and do I have a choice in where my booth is located?

You should decide if a standard booth is right for your brand/goals, or maybe something bigger or a corner is more appropriate. Also, where your conference booth is located can be critical to your chances of success at a trade show.  Ask the trade show organizers if you can choose an area for your booth.  Most times, great booth spaces come with sponsorships.

What does my pre and post-show marketing campaign look like?

Promote your presence at whatever cannabis conference, event, or trade show you may be attending.  Also, be sure to promote any sponsorships of the show. Highlight some products/promotions you may have at the event. Let folks know about any speaking engagements you may be having or any after-parties you will be attending.

Is your team ready to engage the public and properly represent your brand?

Make sure that you understand what you will need from your event staff.  They are critical to the success of your event.  They will need to understand the goals and expectations for the event and be well versed in the products and brand.

Do I have the right gear and supplies to help achieve my event goals?

Coming to a show well equipped is critical. Make sure that any signage, product samples (if applicable), promotional materials, booth gear, and SWAG fit your event goals and your brand’s image.

What is the plan to gauge the success of the event?

Make certain you are clear about how you will measure ROI.  Success will have a different meaning for everyone. Maybe you are more focused on social media hits.  Maybe you are more focused on lead generation or brand exposure.  However, you define success for the event, try to have a system to measure it.

Keeping these things in mind when deciding on your participation in cannabis industry events will help ensure that you are going to the right events, are prepared for the event, and that your participation in a trade show or event is a success.