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December 9, 2021

How to Grow Your Professional Cannabis Network and Expand Business Operations

Attending events, whether huge trade shows or just a local happy hour can expand your professional network in some of the best ways. Gaining know-how in how to grow your business in the cannabis industry while making important connections is a great way to aid your business in succeeding long-term.

Congratulations!  You’ve done it!  You found an opportunity in the cannabis industry and you took it… so now what?

Attend Local Events

Being new to the cannabis industry, it’s important to start growing your network. The first way to get yourself out there is through local events, such as happy hours or meet-ups.  Doing this will help you make meaningful business connections and you’ll start to pick up the lingo of the industry.  (Tip: Don’t forget your business cards!)   

Attending local events will get your name out in the community and give you insight into industry news in your area.  When you start regularly attending local events, make sure to note who the other regulars are.  Ask them where else they network and keep an open mind to collaborating on lead generation.  

Teaming up with others will help you divide and conquer when networking events overlap.  I can’t stress the importance of having people who understand what you do, and what you need to accomplish.  They can be your eyes and ears when you are not around, and you can do the same for them.  

Conferences and Shows

Find conferences in the area or a nearby state. You can attend as a representative of your employer or you could attend as a guest.  In the past, I’ve attended conferences in both ways and know many others that have.  Regardless of how you go about attending; networking and education at these conferences are extremely valuable.

Typically, there are after-parties at conventions, which is another great place to grow your cannabis network.  If you are in a position to host an after-party you should organize one! This is the kind of professional networking that will help you gain exposure to the industry and build out your Rolodex. Conferences usually have speakers who talk on a variety of topics as well. Attending these talks can help educate you and expand your understanding of the industry. 

Stay Up To Date

There are other sources of information for you to review online.  You can find cannabis-specific news on websites such as Ganjapreneur, Leafly, NCIA, NORML, etc…  You can also read your state’s cannabis regulations by visiting your state .gov website. The people who are successful in this industry are the people who review industry current events daily.  This industry changes rapidly, and there is no single governing body to our industry.  This means each state has to declare its own rules, which change quickly and vary from state to state.  Staying on top of current events will help you stay ahead of any industry changes.    


Advocacy is another great way to grow your cannabis network.  This industry has a lot of corrections to make.  From prison reform to the miseducated public, there is a lot of work to do!  You will be able to find a number of nonprofit organizations you could be involved with.  Advocating for cannabis rights in your community will lead you to other like-minded people in the cannabis industry.  At the very least, you should help educate your family and friends on cannabis.    

Hopefully, these tips will help you continue your cannabis journey.  Good luck fighting the good fight!