Apical offers safe, repeatable & compliant solutions to cannabis & hemp processing. Alongside turn-key systems & processing lines for all scales of ethanol & water extraction, solvent recovery, fractional distillation, crystallization/isolation and formulation of final products, Apical also supports projects with bench, kilo, mini, pilot & plant-scale glass, glass-lined steel & (stainless) steel vessels.

We have operated in a number of countries & environments, satisfying regulators of cGMP & FDA-compliant API production, XP C1D2medical cannabis facilities, food-grade production lines, cosmetic handlers and more. And, as a working, licensed hemp processor in Kentucky, Apical continues to develop & validate processes to reinforce our position as high quality, reliable integrators.

With that, our intention is to provide trusted solutions that would be recognized by professionals across a number of well-established industries, feeling this provides resiliency, credibility and certifiable quality to the process.