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April 14, 2022

The Canna Consortium: April Newsletter

Welcome to our April Newsletter! April Showers bring May flowers…at least we hope. We had a busy March with NoCo Hemp Expo and CannaCon OKC. Now that we are back home for a bit we’re excited to celebrate 420 in our great 303.

Hemp Happenings

Where is hemp now? Since 2019 hemp has been through a rollercoaster of a ride including legalization, overproduction, and synthetically derived cannabinoids. However, the possibility of industrial use and food production is illuminating the multiple benefits of hemp

Want to see what’s new and exciting in the hemp industry?
Make sure to go to the Southern Hemp Expo (S.H.E.) this August!
The Canna Consortium will be there discussing different topics and what’s the latest and greatest for ancillary businesses in hemp. 

Dem’s Priority

A recent poll found that most of the democratic party believes that legalizing cannabis should be a top or important priority. Considering Covid not wanting to leave like an overprotective mother dropping a kid off at college, high inflation, and the war in Ukraine it’s worth noting that the topic of cannabis is still in the minds of many leaders. Maybe they’re finally realizing how they could relieve some of that anxiety. 

Gen Z Language

For those new to the industry here’s a great source to catch up on your cannabis lingo. 

Adult-use: Synonymous with recreational marijuana; also known as retail marijuana. The term is most commonly used by regulatory agencies and public officials to distinguish recreational from medical marijuana. It emphasizes the fact that only adults age 21 and up can legally purchase cannabis.

Cannabigerol (CBG): A minor cannabinoid that’s gaining popularity for use in therapeutic contexts, including to reduce inflammation, pain, and nausea. The non-psychoactive compound is most commonly found in cannabis strains that are low in THC and high in CBD, including hemp.

Hospitality: Refers to a type of business (or business license) that provides a space where patrons can consume cannabis. Marijuana hospitality businesses can sell marijuana products or allow patrons to bring their own. The model was legalized by the state of Colorado in 2019, though local jurisdictions need to opt in to allow these establishments. Denver approved a hospitality program in 2021.

Events Happening

420 Events

Partner Spotlight

Vapor-Static technology is making big waves in the cannabis processing space with a smart new approach to sustainable, scalable, efficient cannabis processing. 
For producers, Vapor-Static Extraction is appealingly turnkey and requires minimal staffing to operate. By applying proven industrial processes to large-scale cannabinoid extraction, the all-in-one system can reduce operating costs by up to 80% compared to other extraction methods.
For consumers—particularly the rapidly growing segment seeking out solventless and sustainable products—the Vapor-Static system offers an environmentally conscious alternative to conventionally manufactured cannabis concentrates.
Want to learn more about why Vapor-Static Extraction is winning over the cannabis industry?

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