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May 19, 2022

The Canna Consortium: May Newsletter

Woody Harrelson opened a dispensary and consumption lounge in Hollywood, Sacha Baron Cohen dropped his lawsuit against Solar Therapeutics, and Seth Rogen gave a tour of his Houseplant Headquarters. We’re doing alright for the month of May. 


The US Hemp Building Association (USHBA) is blazing a trail forward as “hempcrete” is being implemented into US building codes. Industrial hemp has become one of the newest and hottest topics as it is a considerably less impactful building material on the environment versus its rivals of steel and lumber. Utilizing hemp can reduce the construction and demolition industry’s carbon footprint significantly! USHBA is working tirelessly to remove the red tape around hemp and make it an easy and accessible option for building. 

TikTok and Cannabis

TikTok is the place to be! In a study published in the Drug and Alcohol Review journal more than 800 videos related to cannabis were analyzed for the portrayal of cannabis to users. “…over half of videos portrayed cannabis use positively.” Put into categories of humor/entertainment, experiences, lifestyle acceptability, informative/how-to, creativity and warning. Humor and entertainment had the highest percentage at 71.7%.  Researchers’ next step is to gauge if seeing cannabis content has any impact on users attitudes and perceptions surrounding cannabis.
Here are some of our favorite cannabis TikTokers to watch! 

Partner Spotlight- SC Filtration

We specialize in botanical filtration equipment for extraction labs. We cover all budgets and have a range of systems from small batches of a few liters, to large industrial filtration of tons per hour.

We add value to your operation by advising on the most cost-effective filtration system for your setup. Sambo Creeck covers most filtration processes in extraction labs including removal of solids and purification, winterization, CRC and removal of absorbents and filter aides, lenticular filtration, as well as room temperature solvent recovery and winterization, and solvent less agitation.

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