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January 3, 2022

2022 Cannabis Events

Below we have compiled a list of cannabis, supply chain, pharmacology, and nutraceutical shows for the year 2022! If you see a show that we have missed let us know here and we will add it to the list.

Cannabis and Psychedelics Conferences, Expos, and Shows

January 7-8: CannaCon NorthEast- New York City, NY

January 10-14: C3 V1P- Cancun, Mexico

January 31-February 1: Delta 8 Expo- Charlotte, NC

February 2-5: Champs Vegas- Las Vegas, NV

February 4-5: BizCann Expo- Brooklyn, NY

February 19th: MITA CannaVal- Mesa, AZ

February 23-24: UsCannaExpos- Oklahoma City, OK

February 25-26: Lucky Leaf Expo- Alburquerque, NM

February 27- March 1: the Emerald Conference- San Diego, CA

February 28-March 1: Industrial Hemp Summit-Triangle Park, NC

March 10th: ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) B2B- Barcelona, Spain

March 11-12: Wichita Falls Ranch, Farm &Hemp Expo- Wichita Falls, TX

March 11-13: Alternative Products Expo- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

March 11-20: SXSW- Austin, TX

March 18-20: NeCann New England Cannabis Convention- Boston, MA

March 23-25: NoCo Hemp Expo- Denver, CO Booth 521, Speaking on How To Level Up Your Operations Thursday 24th at 2:55pm

March 25-26: Lucky Leaf Expo- Detroit, MI

March 31-April 1: CannaCon South- Oklahoma City, OK Booth 723, Speaking April 1st at 2:30pm

April 12-14: West Pack- Anaheim, CA

April 14- CB Club: Cannabis Business Club of Switzerland- Zurich, Switzerland

April 13-15: CannaVest- Edison NJ

April 20: Canna Consortium Happy Hour – Arvada, CO

April 20-21: Benzinga Cannabis Conference- Miami, FL– Attending

April 20-21: UsCannaExpo Michigan- Mt. Pleasant, MI

April 20-21: 2022 Michigan CannTech Expo- Mount Pleasant, MI

April 22: National Cannabis Policy Summit: Washington DC

April 23-24: NeCann Oklahoma Cannabis Convention- Tulsa, OK

April 23-24: Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival- Kutztown, PA

April 28-29: Cannabis Products Exchange- Denver, CO

May 3-5: CannMed- Pasadena, CA

May 4-6: MJUnpacked- New York, NY

May 7: Cannabis Parade & Rally- NYC, NY

May 7-8: The Counter Culture- Tampa, FL

May12-15: Lift&Co. Expo- Toronto, Canada

May 13-14: SouthEastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention- Atlanta, GA

May 14-15: NeCann New York Cannabis Convention- Brooklyn, NY

May 18: Allay Consulting Happy Hour– Denver, CO

May 18-20: Cannabis Science Conference West-Long Beach, CA

May 20-22: Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exhibition- Orlando, FL

May 21-22: USA CBD Expo- Columbia, OH

May 24-25: Oregon Hemp Convention- Portland, OR

June 1-3: O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo- Toronto, Canada

June 2-4: CWCB Expo- New York City, NY– Attending

June 2-4: NORML Aspen Legal Seminar- Aspen, CO

June 10-11: BizCann Expo- Springfield, MA

June 14-15: New Jersey Tri-State Summit & Expo- Philadelphia, PA

June 14-15: 2022 Jew Jersey CannaTech Expo- Atlantic City, NJ

June 15-16: CannabisWiki- Ontario, Canada

June 15: Allay Consulting Happy Hour- Arvada, CO

June 15-17: CannaOne Food +Beverage Cannabis Expo- Las Vegas, NV

June 17-18: Imperious Cannabis Business Expo- Phoenix, AZ

June 17-18: NeCann Illinois Cannabis Convention- Chicago, IL

June 20: Grow Up Psychedelic Summit- British Columbia, Canada

June 20-22: Grow Up Conference- British Columbia, Canada

June 23-24: Delta 8 Expo: Concord, NC

June 23-24: Mississippi Marijuana Business Conference: Building for the Future- Biloxi, MS

June 25-26: NECANN Vermont Cannabis Convention- Burlington, VT

June 28-29: Cannabis Europa- London, UK

June 30-July 3: The Cannabis Expo Durban- Durban, South Africa

July 7-9: Mississippi Cannabis Expo “Cannabis Meets Healthcare Expo”- Biloxi, MS

July 12-15: World CBD Awards- Barcelona, Spain

July 17-20: ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) B2B- Berlin, GermanyThompson Duke Industrial Stand 260

July 20: Allay Consulting Happy Hour- Broomfield, CO

July 22- MACH Technologies Mixer- Detroit, MI

July 22-23: CannaCon MidWest- Detroit, MI

July 28: NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Socials- Denver, CO

July 28: Cannabis Drinks Expo- San Francisco, CA

July 29-30: Lucky Leaf Expo- Richmond, VA

August 2: Cannabis Drinks Expo- Chicago, IL

August 3-4: 2022 Illinois CannTech Expo- Shaumburg, IL

August 6-7: KushCon 2022- Tampa Bay, FL

August 8-10: AICPA & CIMA Cannabis Industry Conference- Denver, CO

August 17-21: Telluride Mushroom Festival- Telluride, CO

August 18-20: S.H.E. (Southern Hemp Expo)- Nashville, TN– Booth 437

August 23-25: Cannabis Conference- Las Vegas, NV

August 25-27: CannaGrow Harvest Cultivation+Operations Expo- Virginia Beach, VA

August 26-27: NECANN New York Cannabis Convention- Albany, NY

August 26-27: CannaCon MidWest- Chicago, IL

September 6-8: International Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit- Boston, MA

September 7-8: PBC Conference 2022- Washington DC

September 9-10: NeCann New Jersey Cannabis Convention- Atlantic City, NJ

September 12-14: Grow Up- Niagara Falls, Ontario

September 21-22: Montreal Cannabis Expo- Montreal, Canada

September 22-23: Lucky Leaf Expo- Oklahoma City, OK

September 2-24: Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research-TBA

September 23: Allaypalloza- Denver, CO: GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

September 24-25: CannaCon West- Denver, CO

September 24-25: NeCann Maine Cannabis Convention- Portland, ME

September 28-30: MJUNPACKED- Las Vegas, NV

September 30- October 1: BizCann Expo-Brooklyn, NY

October 9-10: C3 Houston Success-Houston, TX

October 4-6: Hall of Flowers- Santa Rosa, CA

October 7-8: Lucky Leaf Expo- Austin, TX

October 7-8: Lucky Leaf Expo- Jackson, MS

October 7-8: ICMC (International Conference on Medical Cannabis)- New York, NY

October 10-12: New Jersey Cannabis Expo | Cannabis Investment Expo- Edison, NJ

October 14-15: Canna Con South- Richmond, VA

October 21-22: Lucky Leaf Expo- Albuquerque, NM

October 23-26: Pack Expo International- Chicago, IL

October 27: 2022 Colorado Expo & Mixer- Denver, CO

November 1-2: Resilient Harvests Conference- Long Beach, CA

November 3: Business of Cannabis: New York- New York

November 3-5: USA CBD Expo- Chicago, IL

November 10-12: Alternative Products Expo- Tampa, FL

November 15-18: MJ Biz Con- Las Vegas, NV– Party Hosted by Canna Consortium

November 18-19: Imperious Expo- Oklahoma City, OK

November 14-16: CannaCosmo Health+Beauty Expo- Las Vegas, NV

November 19-20: CannaCon South- Virginia Beach, VA   

December 8-9: 2022 Nevada GreenTech Expo- Las Vegas, NV

Pharmacology and Nutraceutical

January 28-29: ICNNS (International Conference on Nutraceuticals and Nutrition Supplements- New York, NY

February 9-10: Pharma Market Research Conference- Newark, NJ

February 22-24: PharmScience Research&Development- Burlingame, CA

March 5-9:PITTCON- Atlanta, GA

March 9-11: Natural Products Expo West- Anaheim, CA

March 11-12: ICPNN (International Conference on Preventive Nutrition and Nutraceuticals- Miami, FL

March 16-17: Pharma USA 2022- Philadelphia, PA

March 21-23: PACK EXPO East- Philadelphia, PA

April 25-26: ICNNIS (International Conference on Nutraceuticals, Nutraceutical Ingredients, and Supplements)- New York, NY

May 23-24: Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry- Vienna, Austria

May 23-24: 2nd Annal Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development Conference- Washington DC

July 21-22: ICPPP (International Conference on Psychedelics and Psychedelic Pharmacology)- Rome, Italy

August 8-9: Pharmacology Conference- Zurich, Switzerland

August 22-26: ACHEMA 2022- Frankfurt, Germany

September 11-14: SHSMD (Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development) Connections Annual Conference- Washington DC

September 15-16: Health Evolution Confab- Nashville, TN

September 28-29: 2022 Ohio MedTech Expo- Cleaveland, OH

October 25-26: Pharma & Patient USA 2022- Philadelphia, PA

November 13-16: Next HLTH Event- Las Vegas Sands, NV

December 12-15: Hospital Medicine & Internal Medicine- Sarasota, FL

Supply Chain

January 24-26: Jump Start 2022 Supply Chain- Atlanta, GA

February 20-23: The Retail Supply Chain Conference- Dallas, TX

February 27- March 2: The Premier Conference for the Trans-pacific and Global       Container Shipping and Logistics Community- Long Beach, CA

March 28-31: MODEX 2022- The Premier Supply Chain Experience Trade Show-Atlanta, GA

April 6-9: Transportation Intermediaries Association 2022 Capital Ideas Conference and      Exhibition- San Diego, CA

April 11-13: Ecommerce Operations Technology Summit- Orlando, FL

May 1-4: WERC DX 2022 (Warehousing Education and Research Council Digital       Experience)- Louisville, KY

May 3-4: American Supply Chain Summit- Dallas, TX

September 18-21: Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition- Nashville, TN