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January 21, 2022

The Canna Consortium Happy Hour: January Newsletter

Ring In The New Year With Us!

2022 Predictions and Prophecies

Watch out for the east coast. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York, the east coast is becoming its own powerhouse in the industry. While it is still going to take some time to distribute licenses, establish brands and create a solid structure for the business we’re all curious to see what NY and the east coast will do. Getting in early and making a name for yourself can (as we always say) be an equation for long-term success.

California is still trying to figure it out. With the continuing issue of high taxes and difficult climate issues, the California cannabis market is struggling. And we are all watching tentatively to see what exactly will happen. While sustainability and drought are forcing innovation for growers high tax rates are pushing more and more back to the black market where prices are more reasonable.

There are many more predictions, so check them out here for what to look for in 2022.

Regulatory Pulse Point

Social equity is one of the most important aspects of federal legalization. It’s no secret that those in the African American and Latino communities are disproportionally punished for marijuana-related charges. Many are working towards creating a foundation aware and inclusive of those who have felt the harshest effects of the war on drugs. Gary Chambers U.S. Senate candidate from Louisiana openly showed his support for federal legalization in a to-the-point campaign ad of 37 seconds that hits hard. If you haven’t seen it watch it below.

Entrepreneurial Extras

Hit your entrepreneurial goals this year with these tips and tricks from our founders and members.

So You Want To Start A Cannabis Business?

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Running A Cannabis-Touching Business


We created a comprehensive list of the 2022 cannabis, nutraceutical, and supply chain shows. If you see any we have missed let us know! We always want to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information to our members.

NoCo8 is coming up March 23-25! We are so excited to be back at our favorite industrial hemp show in Colorado. Many of our founders and partners will be there as well as our Canna Consortium booth. Sign up for our newsletter to get our exclusive discount code on tickets and information on our Revolution Rising party!

New Partner Alert!

 Mach is a global leader in extraction equipment and technology including solvent-based technologies using ethanol and hydrocarbons, solvent technologies for ice water and the MACH specialized solventless terpene extraction technology. Their systems are engineered and designed with safety, optimization, automation, and ease of use in mind. Their team of mechanical, electrical, controls, and chemical engineers ensures the equipment and process technology is the latest technology, and innovation is what continuously fuels them. They offer everything from standalone extraction systems to turnkey lab setups, and their global footprint allows them to ship, install, train customers, and service equipment anywhere in the world.

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