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April 26, 2021

CannaConsortium On The Road

Show season is officially underway and we are so excited to be back on the road! This week founding members 710Spirits® Liz Geiselman, her team and Cannabis Kitchen Supplies Rocco Iannopollo went to The CBD Expo Midwest in Indiana. Rocco and Liz were both on numerous panels for the expo and spoke on essential aspects of the CBD and cannabis industry. We had a great time getting to see old friends and meeting new and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. The floor was steady with an uptick on Saturday of patrons. Many coming out to purchase and learn more on this quickly evolving industry.

 Since each panel Rocco and Liz was on was so rich in information we will have a blog post on each panel they were on. Hoping to add value and education for our readers. Below are links to each panel overview. Keep in mind we were in Indiana which has no effective medical cannabis laws. Meaning the state only allows CBD oil for medicinal uses and has not decriminalized cannabis.

So You Think You Can CBD… (Hemp Derived vs. Cannabis Derived CBD and Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate)

What to Consider When Choosing A White-Labeling Partner

Food and Drug Compliance and Federal Enforcement

Claims and Descriptions: A Legal Opinion of what you can and cannot say

A huge thank you to Mace Media Group for organizing and hosting this event!

All in all a solid weekend for our two founders 710Spirits® and Cannabis Kitchen Supplies. It was great to see Indianapolis and we loved being on the road after 2020. Next up is CBD Expo Mountain in Denver May 7-8!  

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