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February 25, 2022

Happy Hour: February Newsletter

Valentine’s Day happened, Russia has invaded Ukraine, the Rams won the Super Bowl and the 2022 Winter Olympics left many with an uneasy feeling. February has proved to be a tough one but we’re here to have a chill minute with you. Maybe grab a drink or a joint (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere) and we’ll fill you in on everything that you might have missed in the cannabis industry this month.  

A Possible Shift in Cannabis


The SAFE Banking Act passed the House…again. That’s the sixth time SAFE has passed the House and made its way to the Senate. Many people are annoyed, none more than Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D), who has been working on getting this sucker passed since 2013! Now a part of The America COMPETES Act here’s hoping it actually passes this time. This legislation could be a huge win for many in the industry. 

Who’s In The Wrong

For those of you that didn’t tune into the Winter Olympics, the biggest topic of discussion was the doping scandal with 15-year-old figure skater Kamila Velieva. Velieva absolutely killed it in her short program having her as a shoo-in for the gold. Only to later test positive with Trimetazidine, a banned heart medication, which in theory should have had her banned from the competition completely. Velieva was allowed to compete on the basis that “she was not to blame for the delay in providing a conclusive result by the Stockholm laboratory that analyzed her sample.” Along with the fact that she was a ‘protected person’ being under the age of 16. 

Sha’Carri Richardson, who was banned from competing in the Summer Olympics for testing positive for marijuana, rightfully asserted that the only real clear difference was that she is a “black young lady.” 
The World Anti-Doping Agency considers cannabinoids a performance-enhancing drug as well as trimetazidine, a hormone and metabolic modulator.  The International Olympic Committee responded stating there is a difference in “relation to Russian and American athletes, each case is individual.” 

Jobs? We Got Jobs

The legal cannabis industry supports around 428,059 jobs as of January 2022. With a 33% increase in jobs in a single year, cannabis has proven to show a steady increase in employment opportunities. From plant-touching to indirect ancillary jobs, not including hemp. Those working in cannabis are now in the same bracket as bank tellers, insurance agents, and hairstylists. Much of the growth has come from states continuing to update their legislation and in turn, creating state-licensed markets.

Partner Spotlight


Echelon Constructors is a national design/build general contractor. With areas of expertise including cannabis cultivation, processing, dispensaries, warehouse/distribution, manufacturing, cold storage, office, medical, retail, and multi-building service center/park developments.  

Partnering with the Echelon team early in the process maximizes risk reduction and minimizes time loss for clients. This delivery model produces speed to market, higher yields, more canopy density, and a higher ROI for the investment team. Our team of collaborative partners effectively and efficiently take our clients’ vision from concept to market delivery.

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