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December 16, 2021

Who are the Cannabis Business Leaders You Need in Your Network?

The founding companies of The Canna Consortium have 100+ years of experience in the cannabis industry. Entering the market when cannabis was still in its very early stages. Working hard to advocate for state and federal-level legalization. We’ve seen it all, and we want to be in your corner. This is why we created the consortium. To provide solid advice, guidance, and knowledge to create a reliable high-quality industry throughout the entire supply chain. The following is a small excerpt about each of our founders and their companies. These are the cannabis business leaders you need in your network. Whether you are just starting out or a long-time veteran it’s always good to have some of the important thought leaders, decision-makers, and political advocates on your radar.

Kim Stuck

Allay Consulting

Kim Stuck is the founder and CEO of Allay Consulting. A compliance strategy, and services provider serving the hemp and cannabis industries nationwide. She brings a regulator’s keen eye and wide-reaching knowledge on evolving compliance, along with safety mandates to support businesses in tightly regulated industries.

Previously, Kim held a pioneering role as the nation’s first cannabis and hemp specialist for a major metropolitan public health authority. During her tenure with the City of Denver which is home to hundreds of cannabis businesses. She worked as an investigator covering cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. Her duties included facility inspections; conducting investigations into improper pesticide use and worker safety; creating regulations; instituting recalls, and public outreach.

Kim holds numerous accreditations, such as certified quality auditor (CQA) and certified professional of food safety (CP-FS), among others. In addition to serving on several industry advisory boards, she has been a member of ASTM International’s cannabis standards committee since its 2017 inception.

Coby Wishert

Amber Scientific

Coby Wishert is in a rare position being an attorney previous to his role as President of Amber Scientific. His experience offers a unique perspective around the ever-changing supply chain. Especially concerning the impact, the global market has on consumable products related to this industry. He has worked diligently over the years to form and maintain strategic partnerships and collaborative agreements. Coby maintains a family company culture while overseeing a world-class company reliant on technology. Working to bridge the gap between traditional and modern business philosophies.

Amber Scientific, Inc. is a leading distributor of laboratory supplies, equipment, and chemicals across all industries in the state of Texas. Founded in 1962, the company is family-owned and operated to this day.

Rocco Iannapollo

Cannabis Kitchen Supplies

Rocco Iannapollo spent nearly 30 years in the Oil and Gas Industry. Starting in IT, then Project Management, Procurement/Supply Chain, HR, Real Estate & Facilities, Transportation/Logistics, and finally Drug & Alcohol Testing.

Several years ago, he left corporate America and fulfilled a life-long passion to begin working in the cannabis industry. In 2017 he became the Director of Emerging Channels at Tundra Restaurant Supply, in Boulder, CO. Tundra has served the restaurant industry for 25+ years. And now serves the cannabis industry as Cannabis Kitchen Supplies. Since then, he has gained extensive knowledge and built strong relationships with cannabis industry leaders. He readily shares these learnings and relationships with clients.

Utilizing his deep business acumen, particularly around supply chain and vendor management, Rocco has become a versatile advocate for client needs. In addition to optimizing client supply chains (using Total Cost of Ownership principles). He is significantly well-positioned to help companies implement sustainable business practices and develop business strategies to improve performance and enhance resiliency.

John Roelke

Extract Consultants

John Roelke has a profound understanding of terpenes and flavor profiles for consumable cannabis products. He is the National Sales Manager for Extract Consultants. He has worked with some of the largest brands in the country to stabilize their process and product. A graduate of the California Culinary Academy he has worked in renowned restaurants from San Francisco and Chicago to Boulder. Prior to Extract Consultants, John held a variety of positions in the food and beverage industry including management roles at Continental Sausage, DPI Specialty Foods, and Whole Foods.

In 2013, John was named one of the “25 Most Powerful Salespeople in Colorado” by Colorado Biz Magazine. He has also been a frequent speaker at industry events, including the Concentration 2019 Cannabis Extraction Conference, 2016 Made in Colorado awards, the 2014 National Bison Association Conference, and the Colorado Culinary Academy. All of these aspects give John his unparalleled experience in the industry.

Extract Consultants was established by the essential oil, aroma chemical, and sensory expert with a passion for unlocking the science behind flavors, aromas, and effects. This is a team of internationally renowned chemists and formulators is combined with facilities that house the most advanced processing equipment in the essential oil and flavor industries. Above all holding a deep understanding of terpene and flavor technology and dedication to its continual exploration. 

Liz Geisleman

Rocky Mountain Reagents and 710Spirits®

Over the past 21 years, Liz Geisleman has been everything from a janitor, delivery driver, receptionist, sales and marketing manager, controller, and eventually Co-Chief Executive Officer for Rocky Mountain Reagents (RMR). With 28 employees in a 46,000 ft facility manufacturing and distributing products nationwide; RMR has been honored as a Top 100 Woman-Owned Business, Top 250 Privately-Owned Company for the past 8 years, a Colorado Company to Watch in 2013 by Colorado Biz Magazine, and Woman/Minority Business of the Year in 2019.

All the while RMR was amongst the first to help support the nascent cannabis industry. As the company expanded and hemp became a resurging cash crop, Liz worked to become more intimately involved with shaping the expansion of business and societal opportunities the cannabis industry can provide. Liz is a Stakeholder for the Testing Work Group of the Colorado Hemp Advancement & Management Plan (CHAMP) appointed by Governor Polis. Liz serves on the National Cannabis Industry Association Board of Directors where they focus on national policies such as Safe Banking, decimalization, and de-scheduling cannabis. She also serves on the Cannabis Manufacturing Subcommittee working on product safety issues and standardized methodology.